What if you could create exactly the musical life you desire?

Receive the clarity, strategies, support, and accountability you need.

Who should work with me?

Mars Gelfo coaching a client
Online graduation session for a client
I work with amateur & professional musicians who are enthusiastic about personal growth, emotional intelligence, and embodying excellence.

My ideal client is open-minded and values both deliberate action and reflective stillness.

My coaching is tailored towards one or all of the following:

1) Deep transformational journeys around artistic development, performance anxiety, or challenging professional issues.

2) Practice mastery - cutting edge learning techniques and making it stick for satisfying performances. Includes memorization, solving technical issues, and nuts & bolts practice strategies.

3) Project-based coaching - album releases, auditions or recitals, a finish line you want to cross. I help you cross it with virtuosity, health, and a heaping dose of fun!

If you love the spark of a great insight, the satisfaction and pride of a great performance... 

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What Can Coaching Do For You

I want to start by sharing some of what coaching has done for me

Since 2006, I have basically non-stop had least one coach.

Here are some results I directly credit to the coaching I received:


  • Winning the Hong Kong Philharmonic Audition (where I stayed 6 seasons)
  • Winning sub-list auditions for San Francisco Symphony & Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Overcoming hesitant attacks, high register issues, and other technical obstacles
  • Contacting the origins of my own performance anxiety, and learning to work with it to give captivating performances


  • Launching, scaling, and earning money with my music practice app, Modacity
  • Successfully selling a company
  • Healing family patterns around money


  • Becoming magnificently close and harmonious with my entire family
  • Creating a lifestyle and livelihood that feel authentically aligned
  • Transforming my relationship with food, fitness, movement, and health
  • Becoming much more organized and focused


  • Learning to regulate my nervous system and handle challenging emotions
  • Deeply loving and accepting myself (and others)
  • Connecting to archetypes, my "higher self", etc. for decision making

As you can see, the benefits of coaching go far beyond what you achieve on stage or in the practice room. 

While my work generally focuses on music, I address the entire individual and life context.  See the testimonials below for examples.

If that resonates, schedule a free consultation now and let's explore the possibilities awaiting you. 


The trio performance went much better than when I first played it for you! I feel that it was due to our prep work, I felt confident that I can find my way out if get caught in the terror of stagefright.

It was healing to be witnessed by you and to be guided across the array of emotional expression.

I'm hopeful, inspired and now have some tools to play around with. Many thanks for the open hearted session.


Amateur Pianist & Flutist
Before I met Mars I was in a horrible situation, mentally and psychologically. I couldn’t feel any joy playing the horn and my emotions were only negative.

After working together, my whole perspective about horn changed.

My whole life changed for good.

I now can feel more enjoyment – the whole experience with my horn and making music has taken the position it deserves in my life.

Mars is so friendly and makes you feel so comfortable that I believe he can help anyone in any age and level to overcome their problems.


Professional Horn Player
You ran the time in a way where we got to everything on the agenda with spacious time feel. Room for quick tangents, check-ins, guided meditation, and all agenda items.

I felt emotionally and logistically supported. You helped me focus my energy and get clear on what's coming up next.

I got unblocked and clear on a bunch of next steps. You illuminated my path going forward on a journey that is so important to me.

Before our session I lacked clarity, felt frantic, and now I feel clear and focused!


Producer & Professional Trombonist
“The concert went really, really well. Those practice strategies gave me the confidence I needed in order to do it.

My ability to get through the passage worked in performance, near perfect”


Amateur Horn
Your attunement, presence, trickster use of humor helped me overcome my feelings of embarrassment and feel comfortable pushing past my comfort zone.

I liked the soulful riff video you chose for me to sing over.

I liked the invitation to use that silly mantra "fuck this note" or whatever it was. and the freestyle of my opening share.

You taught me more nuance about the vocal and facial cavities and resonance and had ideas for stretches i could do while singing that would help me be less physically tense”


Singer & Rapper
In other lessons, I’ve never come out feeling so positive as this.

What we did was take my inner criticism and turn it into something good, figuring out a strategy to make real improvements.


University Horn Student
Mars' flexible yet wholistic approach leads me to recommend his services to not only musicians, but anyone that wants to challenge their preconceived notions of what they can achieve and how connected they can be to their work


I got the job offer! It’s because you gave me the boost of confidence this morning. It really really was helpful, and exactly the support i needed – so thank you!


A lot of teachers never help me out of my comfort zone. Marc helps me grow with a personal approach, rather than by the books teaching


Horn Student

What Are You Waiting For

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