I love making music

Sacred, simple, weird, funky, compelling, noble, or silly - I like it all!

These days I’m most active:

  • Creative performance art (indoor and outdoor)
  • Performing with sound healing & world music ensembles
  • Multi-modal 21st century collaborations
  • Playing with symphonies & Broadways shows
  • Ask me if you’re curious!
Inquire about Collaborating
Performing horn w/ Sarah Jarosz ensemble, Global Musician Workshop
Viva la Vida, French horn multitrack
Proof of symphonic fun with Mars! Not many of my orchestra appearances have made it onto youtube.
A composition of mine for solo horn, "Gratitude"
My "real" Siegfried Long Call, with real forest reverb
Some of my jazz horn, live performance in Costa Rica
My "fun" Siegfried Call, accompanied by car horns
Very cool Bela Fleck tune starting with horn multiphonics!
"Blues in F", a sweet low horn solo
I played assistant principal horn on this recording w/ San Francisco Symphony - catch me around 30 seconds into this clip!
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