Holistic Horn Ep. 3 - Shanyse Strickland, multi-genre hornist, thinking & playing outside the box

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Shanyse Strickland is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger & composer, educator, and overall musical innovator. 

This podcast goes deep into unconscious norms in the horn world, Shanyse’s journey as a black, queer, woman horn player,  her favorite way to meditate with the horn, and even the role cannabis has played in both of our musical journeys. 

Listen to the end of the podcast to hear us trade improvised licks and discover the one improvisation trick Shanyse feels can add color to any line. 

Other points we cover

- High vs. low playing

- being okay with where you excel

- How shanyse got started

- Mars' journey w/ 4 embouchures

- Shanyse’s on spirituality and the horn

- Anxiety may related to not operating in your zone of genius

- Meditating with the horn

- Finding your purpose

- What it was like being the only black horn player in high school

- Shining light on hidden norms in the horn world

- Finding your own primary path as a musician

- Experiences as a black, queer, woman horn player 

- Be a great musician first, horn player second

- Hesitant attacks (valsalva) & trauma resolution 

- Listen to shanyse improvise a little

- Mars serenades shanyse!

-----About the podcast
Hosted by hornist, educator, and entrepreneur Mars Gelfo, The Holistic Horn podcast features incredible personalities from the horn & music world, to provide actionable insights, inspiration, and thought-provoking ideas to help you live your best life as a musician & whole human.

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